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Gamble housewives of melbourne

Okay, so this season you are a shit stirrer.
Lover the hair and the dress.
Um, Gina, you are AT a television appearance.Gina just loves stirring the pot.Janet and Gamble and Janet and Gina.Please explain to me how I missed Jackie with a traffic cone on her head last week?God the tattoo on her back is tacky. .I kind of love Gamble.Im already over.Come for the tea.Eventually the bitching starts between Janet and Gamble.You're a special snowflake just like everyone else).But if you have an idea of your own, just send us your brief and we will custom create it for you!Gina is quick to jump on Team Gamble.I used to just wear Ray Bans (still my fav) But I dont think even Ray Ban makes their own lenses anymore.I just have such a hard time doing.
But Gina is holding Janets fire to the flame over the Gamble situation.

Janet really wants to move past the whole debacle with Gamble.Next Week: Chyka will have a party for everyone and their mates.She says she heard that Janet was a heroin addict who sold her sex for heroin. .I thought it was strictly and American symbol of ridiculous self-loathing.Shes so not worth.Hasnt Janet been sleeping with the crypt keeper for decades to get her money?She is credited south 41 bingo fort myers as Janets friend but she clearly hates Janet, possibly more than the rest.But none of that is important.Gina, its time for Gina to get some new headshots for her well for something.Chyka tells Lydia that Janet says that Gamble used to be a call girl.Seriously, all designer glasses have the same shitty lenses now.
Fashion Show, gamble arrives at whatever this is pissed.

None of the ladies actually know how to play golf except Janet and she wont be on the pro circuit anytime soon.
Note Chyka is front and center.
Im just trying to be helpful.