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lotto boyz members

Macrobiotics (n) : A vegetarian religion known for its worship of seaweed.
Michael entity (n) : Not to be confused with the Jackson 5, this is a group of disembodied entities who have joined together to give New Agers another divisive nomenclature.
In its place, we rediscover the tiny, but real, person we once were.
After sharing the news of the Bexar County Sheriff Office deputy and a San Antonio Police Department officer's ongoing lip sync battle, we *may* have tagged a couple of our own local law enforcement departments just to see if anything would happen.While many sing praise songs during worship time, they dance to Distruction.We adopted the standard uniform of see-through white clothes accented with sarongs, chi pants, harem pants, tie-dyes, shell necklaces and sandals (with socks in cooler climates and then, once our appearance won us the endorsement of the established starseeds, we became lightworkers ourselvesi."Yeah, and you were the only one who did said Shanasana.Manipuka was impressed by my progress and decided to reward my efforts by taking me to an all night tantric community dance party.Quan Yin (n) : see Goddess.We must say it again and again, "weve been toe fooled, weve been toe fooled, weve been toe fooled.

However, it is certainly satisfying to imagine our moronically actualized, goody-two-shoes Self landing halo first in the slammer.Each of the eleven steps that follow require us to trust a way of thinking that is the antithesis of our brainwashingwhich we all know, is not an easy task.As our cache of suckers increased, even RetreatLand our near-death theme park wasnt enough, so we had a public offering and began manufacturing surround-sound, near-death helmets (complete with tapes of motorcycle crashes, exploding airplanes and drive by shootings) for home use.Whos who list includes Sananda, Kuthumi,.At the end, no kissing or anything, we all sat by ourselves in the dark and played with ourselves using some spicy kama sutra oil that later gave me a rash.Ngwenya told, daily Sun they knew people would talk about their dancing.Also: astrologer (n) Atlantis (n) : The waterlogged up homeland of many New Agers; believed to be where Hollywood got its script for the Titanic.Archangel (n) : Supervisors, managers, and foremen of angels, which means smart New Agers go directly to them for assistance; archangels with the biggest New Age draw include Mikael, Ariel, Gabriel and Metatron.As our lower selves admit to knowing the names of cabinet members and senators, we further alienate our former friends, and soon, we are waking up alone rather than with our seminar leader in a Marin hot tub.
I even made a tachyon energy conductor that I through mail order.
Higher power (n) : A despot who squelches a New Agers ability to have fun; similar to God, but with more stigmata.

Keep in mind that gotu kola ministries, Aquarian radio stations, brown rice fields, shamanic campgrounds and other bastions of New Age activity are also viable candidates for guerrilla descendentalism.
However, star names, like Centaurus and Andromeda, are also acceptable, as well as any name with a devic undertone transmission capable of vibrating directly from the When challenged, the NAsshole often cries parallel universe and claims that its dodecahedral spin ratios are in need.