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Mahjong card game how to play

Tile cannot be claimed.
The wind indicator is optional and not required for gameplay.Suits (108 tiles circles or, dots (36 tiles - 4 of each).Each player pays double the value of the hand.Next to each hand is the value of the hand for scoring or gambling purposes.Bamboos or, bams (36 tiles - 4 of each).
A tile is called but no exposure has been made.
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Return to top Picking a emerald casino bowling Hand Now the strategizing begins.For the sake of actual winning, it is a cross of chance and some strategy.Return to top Beyond The Basics - Online Mah Jongg Resources MahJonggMentor MahJonggMentor provides strategies to improve your skills with easy to follow videos, FAQs, etiquette suggestions, on-line community room and Ask The Expert.Moving counter-clockwise, each player then takes turns where the dealer left off, taking four tiles (two from the top and two from the bottom) for herself.How To Read The Score Card The hands on a score card are represented in numbers or letters in either red, blue, or green.Note: When aiming for a concealed hand (a hand marked with a " C " next to its value on the scorecard all of the tiles in your hand must be drawn from the wall.The process of shuffling the tiles, rebuilding the walls, and dealing is repeated until the games end.A tile may not be called to complete a combination of the hand that requires only a single tile.
Each player receives 13 tiles, with the dealer starting with an extra 14th tile.

369 Patterns using 3's, 6's, and 9's.