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Mills slot machine for sale 1910

Kiss-O-Meter, Exhibit Supply, circa 1940, squeeze the handle and measure the thrill of your kisses.
Hit the Siamese Rats, Harold.
Hollywood Candid Camera, 1950s (exact date unknown Mike Munvees, Si Redd's version, basically a funhouse mirror in a camera shaped timed box.
See the web page on it, as there is even a downloadable movie clip of Chopper, complete with sound.After 1976 these 8-track games were no longer made, but really arcade games did not get sound as good as these eight track games until the 1990s!Beginning in 1938, the pivot in the top cover was replaced with a new one that would become standard on all M1919-series guns.The front grill is unpainted and the multicolored sparkles gold fever slot machine are present.Three pound butter crock with Wisconsin advertising: rice lake creamery, rice lake, WIS.Small antique yellow ware (mochaware) pitcher with six brown slip bands with green seaweed on white.Bergman Company (Germany early 1960s (exact date unknown distributed by Duncan Sales Company (Cleveland a gun game that shoots actual metal pellets!"Norwegian weapons Infantry weapons".Princess Doraldina fortune teller, Doraldina Corporations (Rochester NY 1928, her chest moves as she breathes, and her eyes roll as she delivers a fortune.This meant they could not be moved or sold across state lines, hence killing the market for the art deco diggers.(We were stuck with bad 8-bit computer generated sound until the 1990s and good compression, large memory and fast processors became common.) For example, check out the 1974 Midway Chopper.As the drum rotates, the driving scenery changes, like Road Racer (Williams 3/62).The 1950s Genco fortune tellers such as Gypsy Grandma (Genco 5/57) and Horoscope Grandma (Genco 5/57) are my favorites.Those are Ok too, just they can't have a video screen of any kind!
Evans, 1933, a nickel is inserted and the Pick the Winner dial can be turned to the number of the horse choosen to win the race.

Rifle Gallery, Genco, 6/54.Style gun game with motorized moving targets.Has a twin handled machine gun mounted on the front.Spark Plug, Bally, 1934, player picks a winner, then presses a lever and the horses spin around.This was done to present a more complete penny arcade game picture here.These were removed as part of post war refurbishment.65-66) a b c d Robert.Though "esco" stands for Exhibit Supply Company, "esco" is on the front casting.
Speedway, Chicago Coin, 9/69, electronic sound, very similar to Motorcyle (CCM, 1970/1974) and Indy 500 (Kasco 1969).