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Slot car game illustrated owner

slot car game illustrated owner

Stock unmodified Scaleauto bearings as supplied with the approved cars only.
Invented by David Caille of Étercy, France the system incorporates automatic switches that utilize a racing line and an escape lane.It is also the reason why for others the return to the hobby of their youth is the next best thing to reuniting with their first girlfriend.You may tape down lead wires, but must use Scaleauto appearing wire, guides, nuts ide shims are allowed. .You need to fix during race time, (the next lap) or 2,5gramm must be glued on the body in front of the cockpit.To that end, major body parts must remain fitted to the car at all times during racing.16mm) - Hard sc-2422p "Please see the advices from the race committee which tyres compound have to be used.Chassis Klasse1 Slotracing by Scaleauto Standard : #Exclusively the, scaleauto NR-2 Chassis SC-8400c with all related parts.The addition of modern techniques do not alter the fact that this is a chassis builders class that should lotto boyz members be accessible to anyone with a soldering iron and a hack saw or rotary tool.These races are not open to the Porsche Cup or Porsche Rally cars released by Scaleauto.Cockpit: hard plastic, resin or lexan.(no work will be done when track power is off for lane changes or any other reason) axles, bearings wheels.At all times it is the responsibility of each team to supply a Corner Worker, if any team is found to not be supplying a Corner Worker they will be penalized as follows: First time is a warning.May 31st - June 2nd.

These parts for the Scaleauto NR-2 chassis are allowed for races: - SC-8401 Chassis SC-NR2 ground plate - SC-8402a Chassis SC-NR2 front sub frame Center bar Carbon - SC-8402b Chassis SC-NR2 front sub frame Carbon modern - SC-8403a Chassis SC-NR2 front axle arms Carbon.After that they will lose 25 laps per offence.At no time (including float) may wheels or tires be visible outside the body when viewed from above.There is a lot of misinformation on the web and often different individuals were creating racing systems oblivious to what was happening elsewhere.You may use a thread locking material to prevent screws falling out, but all screws must be tight and fitted as designed.A stock example of each legal car will be available at Technical Inspection if needed as reference for the Race Director.
Spearheaded in Germany this form of racing is gaining adherents in the UK as well as the United jor groups promoting this type of racing include icar, imca, oeps and Scaleracing LLC through their sponsorship of the BRM Challenge Series and Scaleauto endurance racing.
NO Scaleauto tuning parts other than those found on the stock cars are allowed.